Everything You Need to Know About the .dz Domain

by @Univerweb
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The .dz domain represents Algeria’s digital identity on the web, establishing a unique connection between Algerian entities and the virtual space. This exclusivity holds strategic importance for government institutions, businesses, and organizations seeking to assert their online presence under the banner of Algeria.

What is the .dz Domain?

The .dz domain is a national top-level domain (country code top-level domain or ccTLD) dedicated to Algeria. It was created in 1994, following the introduction of the Internet to the country by Cerist. Managed by NIC.DZ, the entity authorized by ICANN, the global domain name regulation authority.

The .dz ccTLD allows Algerian entities, whether public, private, or associative, to have a personalized and easily memorable web address. It reflects their affiliation with Algeria and enhances their credibility among internet users. It also provides better protection against cybersquatting, the practice of wrongfully registering domain names corresponding to brands, proper names, or generic terms.

What Are the Subdomains of .dz?

The .dz domain offers a diverse range of subdomains, allowing precise specialization based on the needs and activities of the entities involved:

  • for commercial entities.
  • for government entities.
  • for non-governmental and non-commercial organizations.
  • for entities in education, training, and general education.
  • for accredited associations.
  • for political parties.
  • for artistic professions.
  • for entities active in the field of the internet.
  • for legal entities residing abroad, owners of trademarks protected in Algeria, and lacking documentation justifying activity or presence in Algeria.
  • for individuals residing in Algeria, owners of trademarks protected in Algeria, and not engaged in commercial activities.

Who Is Eligible to Register a .dz Domain?

The registration or renewal of a domain name under the .dz domain is open to entities established in Algeria, as well as those with legal representation in Algeria or possessing documentation justifying naming rights in Algeria.

Individuals residing in Algeria are also eligible, provided they submit documentation justifying naming rights in Algeria.

How to Register a .dz Domain?

The registration of a domain name with the .dz extension is effective within a maximum period of two working days after the registrar submits a valid dossier to NIC.DZ.

The registration application dossier includes a registration form for the filled and signed registration, along with evidence justifying name ownership, such as a copy of the commercial register, a copy of the figurative trademark filing with INAPI or WIPO, or a copy of the official decree of entity creation.

What Are the Rules Applicable to .dz Domain Names?

Each domain name must strictly adhere to naming conventions, derived from technical or administrative constraints to ensure a logical organization of the .dz zone.

Syntactic Constraints

  • The domain name must have a minimum of two and a maximum of 24 characters.
  • The domain name must consist only of the characters: 'a' to 'z', '0' to '9,' and the symbol '-' (hyphen).
  • The domain name must not consist solely of numbers.
  • The symbol '-' (hyphen) cannot be accepted in the initial or final position.
  • The characters used must be exclusively lowercase, as domain names are case-insensitive.

Administrative Constraints

  • Any entity requesting registration must provide documentation justifying name ownership.
  • Only abbreviations and acronyms mentioned in the justifying document are accepted.
  • The domain name belongs to the entity requesting registration and not to the registrar or an intermediary designated by the entity to carry out the registration process.

Prohibited Terms

  • The domain name must not be offensive, rude, misleading, deceptive, or contrary to morality.
  • Certain names are not assignable, such as names of regions, countries, cities, professions, generic names, or the names of individuals or personalities.

Is the Registration of a .dz Domain Free?

The registration of domain names in the .dz registry is supported by NIC.DZ at no cost to registrars for the benefit of applicants.

Registrars, on the other hand, remain free to set their pricing. Our agency, Univerweb, provides the service free of charge to its clients.

What Are the Advantages of a .dz Domain?

The .dz domain offers numerous advantages for Algerian entities looking to establish a distinctive digital identity and gain increased visibility on the web.

Domain Name Availability

The .dz domain offers the opportunity to have a domain name that precisely matches the name of a company or a registered trademark.

Credibility with Internet Users

The .dz domain provides credibility and legitimacy to the entity among internet users, who easily recognize its affiliation with the country. It is also a symbol of quality and seriousness, subject to strict naming and management rules, ensuring the respect of intellectual property rights.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

The .dz domain signals to search engines that the entity is based in Algeria, increasing the chances of appearing on the first page in searches related to the activity and geographical area.